Bitter Wisdom

Hello and welcome! Test

You may be wondering where does the domain name BitterWisdom come from. Or not. But I'll tell you anyway :)

My name - Sonja Marie - like all names have meanings behind it:
SONJA is the German form of SONYA, which in turn is the Russian pet form of SOPHIA, which means "wisdom" (Greek). This was the name of an early, possibly mythical, saint who died of grief after her three daughters were martyred. (resource - Behind the Name)

MARIE is the French form of MARY, and while the meaning of this popular name is not known for certain one of the several theories is "sea of bitterness"(resource - Behind the Name). I shortened bitterness to bitter.

But you may be saying Sonja Marie would then mean wisdom bitter, yeah I know, but that didn't sound as good as BITTER WISDOM, so sue me :)

Ok, Sonja, we read it or not, please take us to the Lady Jane Grey Internet Museum

Sonja Marie -